2019 Dance Recital Announced!

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Robin has been my 5 year old's dance teacher for 2 years. Since she provides instruction at her preschool I only hear about her classes after school. My daughter absolutely loves the instruction comes home to show her stamps she gets and is super proud of them. I get a glance at the routines at times when she is practicing them at home. Robin acknowledges all her students with a huge smile and hugs which brightens my little girl’s life when she is out in town! We really appreciate not only her instruction and passion for dance and teaching but her personality and liveliness in general!

We couldn’t be happier to have our daughter attend Robin's School of Dance.  We have had the opportunity and pleasure of knowing Robin for about 5 years.  Her approach with the girls and the kindness she shows them helps them adapt immediately to the class and the group.  Our daughter specifically has always been shy.  She would not perform in front of others and in every class she took, she would go to the class but when it came to recital time or a time to show what she had learned she would not do it.  With Robin's encouragement and support our daughter performed at Notre Dame with the School for a half time show for the Harlem Globetrotters.   For our daughter to go from NEVER doing a performance in front of others to have the confidence to do it at Notre Dame is unbelievable.  She has gained confidence and strength that we have not been able to  give her at this school and specifically in class with Robin.

Thank you so much for giving Elsa the gift of a love of dance and music.  You not only have taught her dance skill, but you have improved her self confidence and expression.  We appreciate all that you have done for her.

My son Chase is 8 years old. This is his 2nd year of dance with Robin. This 8 year old boy reminds me every Sunday night “MOM don’t forget I have dance class tomorrow”. He’s excited to go to class and excited to tell me about his new dance moves. This is 100% because of Robin. She works hard to make sure these kids enjoy dance. She’s sympathetic when they get frustrated and encourages the kids to keep trying.